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How to find us prof. dr. S. (Sofia) Voutsaki

prof. dr. S. Voutsaki

Professor of Greek Archaeology
prof. dr. S. Voutsaki
+31 50 36 36726 (++ 31 50 3636726)

Major projects

2003-2008                Director of NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls VIDI Project Shifting Identities: Social change and cultural   interaction in the Middle Helladic Argolid (2100-1700 BC)

2007-2013                Director of Argos Tumuli Project (Research Grants from Institute of Aegean Prehistory, US and Mediterranean Archaeology Trust, UK)

2011-                         Director of North Cemetery, Ayios Vasilios Project. General director: A. Vasilogamvrou. (Fieldwork financed by Groningen Institute of Archaeology; Research Grants from Ammodo Foundation, NL, Institute of Aegean Prehistory, USA, Mediterranean Archaeology Trust, UK)

2015-                         Director of Ayios Vasilios Survey. Co-director: A. Vasilogamvrou. Field Director: C. Wiersma (Funding from Brennan Foundation, Michael Ventris Award, UK, Institute of Aegean Prehistory, USA, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Gerda Henkel Foundation)

2018-                         Director of Halos Landscape Project (Fieldwork financed by Groningen Institute of Archaeology)


Other research

Mortuary practices, ritual, economy and the organisation of the palatial system in Mycenaean Greece

The origins of social inequality in the Bronze Aegean

The Middle Bronze Age in the southern mainland

Mycenaean Laconia and the political organisation of the Mycenaean world

Integration of archaeological and bioarchaeological data in the study of mortuary practices from the prehistoric Aegean to the Roman world

Research on the history of Greek archaeology and the ideological use of the past in Greece

Heritage studies


Organisation of Conferences

2005 Archaeology & Theory Symposium on Landscape (Groningen)

2009 Archaeology & Theory Symposium (Groningen)

2006 International Conference on MESOHELLADIKA: The Middle Bronze Age in the Greek mainland (Athens)

2007 Workshop and International Conference of Middle Helladic Argolid Project (Athens)

2010 Conference on Diet, economy and society in the ancient Greek world (Athens)

2012 Workshop on Bones, Bodies, Persons (Groningen)

2013 Symposium Explaining Change in Aegean prehistory (Groningen)

2013 Expert meeting on Cemetery Studies (Groningen, 2013)

2015 Symposium Dutch Research in the Mediterranean and the Near East (Groningen)

2016 1st meeting Necropoleis Research Network (Groningen)

2017 Session “The “Great Divide” once more? Archaeology in the North and South of Europe, European Association of Archaeologists Meeting  (Maastricht)

2018 Session Economy, society and health-related quality of life in the ancient world: Bioarchaeological perspectives from the Eastern Mediterranean, 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology (Bonn)

2018 Mortuary Studies Workshop (Groningen)

2019 Co-organizer of Mortuary Studies Workshop (Groningen)

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Contact information

Poststraat 6
9712 ER Groningen
The Netherlands

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Job title:
Professor of Greek Archaeology
Working hours:
Tuesday- Friday, 9.00-17.00
+31 50 36 36726 (++ 31 50 3636726)