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A comparison of continuous and intermittent EEG recordings in geese: How much data are needed to reliably estimate sleep-wake patterns?

Experimentally manipulated food availability affects offspring quality but not quantity in zebra finch meso‑populations

Glucose tolerance predicts survival in old zebra finches

Higher mercury contamination is associated with shorter telomeres in a long-lived seabird: A direct effect or a consequence of among-individual variation in phenotypic quality?

Hot and dry conditions predict shorter nestling telomeres in an endangered songbird: Implications for population persistence

No evidence for constitutive innate immune senescence in a longitudinal study of a wild bird

Telomere length declines with age, but relates to immune function independent of age in a wild passerine

Telomere length is highly repeatable and shorter in individuals with more elaborate sexual ornamentation in a short-lived passerine

Telomere-length dependent T-cell clonal expansion: A model linking ageing to COVID-19 T-cell lymphopenia and mortality

Androgen elevation accelerates reproductive senescence in three-spined stickleback

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Model finds COVID-19 deaths among elderly may be due to genetic limit on cell division

RUG-bioloog wil dierproef afdwingen via de rechter

Starlings sleep less during summer and full-moon nights

The Great Lockdown - UG researchers deal with the corona crisis

Animal testing: Regulated to death

A new way global warming kills birds

De kauw kan vertellen wat oud worden is

Waarom zijn Nederlanders zo lang?

Glimmer kauwen

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