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Buildup from birth onward of short telomeres in human hematopoietic cells

Cool, dry nights and short heatwaves during growth result in longer telomeres in temperate songbird nestlings

DNA methylation markers of age(ing) in non-model animals

Ectoparasite presence and brood size manipulation interact to accelerate telomere shortening in nestling jackdaws

Egg size effects on nestling mass in jackdaws Corvus monedula: A cross-foster experiment

Glucocorticoid receptor expression in blood, but not across brain regions, reveals long-term effects of early life adversity in zebra finches

IGF-1 receptor inhibitor OSI-906 reduces growth in nestlings of a wild passerine

Meta-analysis reveals glucocorticoid levels reflect variation in metabolic rate, not ‘stress’

Short- and long-term effects of nutritional state on IGF-1 levels in nestlings of a wild passerine

When does early-life telomere length predict survival?: A case study and meta-analysis

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Het eeuwige leven bestaat, in de Middellandse Zee. Voor andere schepselen komt ouderdom met gebreken

Model finds COVID-19 deaths among elderly may be due to genetic limit on cell division

RUG-bioloog wil dierproef afdwingen via de rechter

Starlings sleep less during summer and full-moon nights

The Great Lockdown - UG researchers deal with the corona crisis

Animal testing: Regulated to death

A new way global warming kills birds

De kauw kan vertellen wat oud worden is

Waarom zijn Nederlanders zo lang?

Glimmer kauwen

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