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How to find us dr. S. (Steffie) van der Steen, PhD


Easier said than done? Task difficulty’s influence on temporal alignment, semantic similarity, and complexity matching between gestures and speech

Changes in behavioural synchrony during dog-assisted therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder and children with Down syndrome

Movers and shakers of cognition: Hand movements, speech, task properties, and variability

On the bright side: Young people's most positive memories of family foster care

Social Development of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder During Dog-Assisted Therapy: A Detailed Observational Analysis

Teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What are the needs of educational professionals?

Therapie met dieren, is dat wat?

Zó ontwikkel je succesvolle interacties met leerlingen met ASS: Project om leerkrachten te ondersteunen en bewuster te maken

Dierondersteunde interventies voor mensen met Downsyndroom: (hoe) werken ze?

Evaluating Animal-Assisted Interventions: An Empirical Illustration of Differences between Outcome Measures

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Coordination in development: Caregiver-child synchrony

Groep 3 voor de speelse onderzoeker

Speciaal onderwijs-kinderen kunnen meer dan gedacht

Kids are the ideal scientists

L1 Radio, interview

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