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Practical matters How to find us S. (Stephan) Schleim, Dr MA


Farmacologische verbetering van de mens: Feiten en mythen over breindoping

Grounded in Biology: Why the Context-Dependency of Psychedelic Drug Effects Means Opportunities, Not Problems for Anthropology and Pharmacology

Neuroscience Education Begins With Good Science: Communication About Phineas Gage (1823–1860), One of Neurology’s Most-Famous Patients, in Scientific Articles

Pharmacological Enhancement: The Facts and Myths About Brain Doping

Pharmakologische Verbesserung des Menschen: Fakten und Mythen über Gehirndoping

Stable Consciousness?: The “Hard Problem” Historically Reconstructed and in Perspective of Neurophenomenological Research on Meditation

To Overcome Psychiatric Patients’ Mind–Brain Dualism, Reifying the Mind Won’t Help

Why Mental Disorders Are Brain Disorders. And Why They Are Not: ADHD and the Challenges of Heterogeneity and Reification

Befund Instagram-Sucht: Forscher identifizieren umstrittenes Störungsbild im Gehirn

Gehirn, Psyche und Gesellschaft: Schlaglichter aus den Wissenschaften vom Menschen

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Corona-Impfnebenwirkungen: Charité distanziert sich von Studie

Yoga, It’s Aspects, History, Benefits & Relationship to Modern Psychology

5 vragen aan RUG-psycholoog Stephan Schleim: ‘Ritalin tegengaan als studiepil is niet nodig

First Psychology, then Neuroscience

Gehirndoping: Ich will meine Hirnleistung verbessern

Umstrittene Wirksamkeit von Antidepressiva

Raising awareness of what we do not yet know: an interview with dr. Stephan Schleim

Flimsy science can be dangerous science

20 Years of Viagra

What brain scans really show

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