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Research interests

Cognitive Networks, Network Architectures, Distributed Systems, Software-Defined Networks


TCAmMCogniGron:: Energy Efficient Memristor-Based TCAM for Match-Action Processing

On Memristors for Enabling Energy Efficient and Enhanced Cognitive Network Functions

dAQM: Derivative-based Active Queue Management

Analog In-Network Computing through Memristor-based Match-Compute Processing

Memristor-based Network Switching Architecture for Energy Efficient Cognitive Computational Models

The Future is Analog: Energy-Efficient Cognitive Network Functions over Memristor-Based Analog Computations

In-Network Computing Over Memristor-Based Cognitive Network Functions

Memristor-Based Cognitive and Energy Efficient In-Network Processing

Memristor-Based Cognitive Network Packet Processors

Towards Energy Efficient Memristor-based TCAM for Match-Action Processing

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