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Full throttle: Demonstrating the speed, accuracy, and validity of a new method for continuous two-dimensional self-report and annotation

Narrative Complexity: Cognition, Embodiment, Evolution

Keeping Track of Time: The Role of Spatial and Embodied Cognition in the Comprehension of Nonlinear Storyworlds

Last Year at Mulholland Drive: Ambiguous Framings and Framing Ambiguities

Interpretation: Its Status as Object or Method of Study in Cognitive and Unnatural Narratology

The Cognitive and Hermeneutic Dynamics of Complex Film Narratives

Wallowing in Dissonance: The Attractiveness of Impossible Puzzle Films

Impossible Puzzle Films: A Cognitive Approach to Contemporary Complex Cinema

‘Resistance to Narrative in Narrative Fiction: Excessive Complexity in Quentin Dupieux’s Réalité (2014)’

Klassieke en moderne filmtheorie

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