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How to find us S.P.A. (Sean) Desjardins, PhD

S.P.A. Desjardins, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher
S.P.A. Desjardins, PhD

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (GIA, BA)
  • Introduction to Arctic Archaeology (GIA, BA)
  • Archaeological Theory (co-taught) (GIA, ReMa)
  • Inhabitants of Polar Areas (co-taught) (Arctic and Antarctic Studies Minor, BA)
  • Exploitation of Polar Areas (co-taught) (Arctic and Antarctic Studies Minor, BA)
  • Zooarchaeology with labs (McGill U., BA)
  • Human Evolution with labs (McGill U., BA)

Current supervision:

  • M.I. (Matilda) Siebrecht (PhD supervision with P.D. Jordan and A. van Gijn [Leiden U.]), studying use- and micro-wear analysis of Tuniit (Dorset Paleo-Inuit) organic artefacts.
  • E.J. (Emily) Ruiz Puerta (PhD supervision with P.D. Jordan and M.T. Olsen [U. Copenhagen]), studying ancient genomics of Atlantic walruses (Odobenus rosmarus rosmarus) in the context of premodern human-walrus relationships.
  • J. (Jelke) Take (BA thesis supervision with P.D. Jordan), studying drone photogrammetry and landscape archaeology at Thule-to-historic Inuit sites in northern Foxe Basin, Nunavut, Canada.
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Contact information

A-weg 30
9718 CW Groningen
The Netherlands