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Practical matters How to find us S.P.A. (Sean) Desjardins, Dr PhD


Avvajja (Abverdjar) revisited: Reconstructing Tuniit (Dorset Paleo-Inuit) and recent-historic Inuit life at an iconic site in northern Foxe Basin, Nunavut, Canada

Deciphering the history of the largest extant pinniped: A phylogenetic study of the Atlantic walrus

Hoe een inheems perspectief de archeologische interpretatie kan verbreden


Long-term perspectives on circumpolar social-ecological systems: Reflections on ICARP-III and polar archaeology

Magnifying the differences: Investigating variability in Dorset Paleo-Inuit organic material culture using microscopic analysis

Subsistence walrus hunting in Inuit Nunangat (Arctic Canada) and Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) from the 13th century CE to present

The Atlantic Walrus: Multidisciplinary Insights into Human-Animal Interactions

Editorial: Long-Term Perspectives on Circumpolar Social-Ecological Systems

Inuit origins: Thule to Inuit transition: Exploring the Inuit past in the Foxe Basin

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Connecting the Bones

Kenniscafé over de Noordpool (English: “Knowledge café: the Arctic”)

Language is the key to a culture

Digging in the permafrost

Zeroing in on Inuit origins through archaeology and ethnography

What now, walrus?

Interview on walruses and archaeology in Nunavut

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