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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. S.M. (Siegwart) Lindenberg

prof. dr. S.M. (Siegwart) Lindenberg

Full Professor of Cognitive Sociology
prof. dr. S.M. (Siegwart) Lindenberg
+31 50 36 36469 (Secretary of the Sociology Department)
+31 50 36 36469 (Secretary of the Sociology Department)
Department of Social Psychology Tilburg University:
+31 13 466 2408 (Secretary Social Psychology Dpt Tilburg University)


Regret, Self-regulatory Abilities, and Well-Being: Their Intricate Relationships

Direct Aggression and the Balance between Status and Affection Goals in Adolescence

Reputation Effects, Embeddedness, and Granovetter's Error

The associations of different social needs with psychological strengths and subjective well-being: An empirical investigation based on Social Production Function theory

Data from the Human Penguin Project, a cross-national dataset testing social thermoregulation principles

Development and Validation of the Social Thermoregulation and Risk Avoidance Questionnaire (STRAQ-1)

Reply to Wojtek Przepiorka: Testing goal-framing and hedonic hypocrisy

Two Kinds of Nudging and the Power of Cues: Shifting Salience of Alternatives and Shifting Salience of Goals

Moral hypocrisy and the hedonic shift: A goal-framing approach

Peer influence in the development of adolescent antisocial behavior: Advances from dynamic social network studies

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