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Faithfulness as Subhegemonic Antidote to a Precarious Existence: A Response to Peter-Ben Smit

The Metahistory of Δίκη and Πίστις: A Greco-Roman Reading of Paul’s “Justification by Faith” Axiom

Imitation in faith: Enacting Paul’s ambiguous pistis Christou formulations on a Greco-Roman stage

(N)iets nieuws onder de zon: Klassieke Oorsprongsnarratieven in de Romeinenbrief

Pistis and Fides as Civic and Divine Virtues: A Pauline Concept through Greco-Roman Eyes

'Say goodbye to opinions!': Plutarch’s philosophy of natural phenomena and the journey to metaphysical knowledge

‘Oefen je dag en nacht daarin!’: Pistis als levenshouding in Paulus en de hellenistische wijsbegeerte

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