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Research interests

My teaching and research are situated at the intersection of modern political and social history and the social sciences. 

*Political, social, and urban history of modern and contemporary (Western) Europe
*History of democratic innovation and change  
*History and democracy in political and public discourse
*History of urban planning and governance


From the ‘Scientized’ to the ‘Sociocratic’ City: The Politics of Knowledge and Norm Change in Post War Urban Planning in the Netherlands

Historical legacies and the political mobilization of national nostalgia: Understanding populism’s relationship to the past

Memory Politics of the Far Right in Europe

Populism and the Past

Differentiated Cooperation through Local Authority Networks: Challenges and Opportunities

Differentiation at the local level: An overview of sub-national authority networks in the EU

Environment and democracy: An introduction

Forum: Environment and democracy

From “Grey Democracy” to the Green New Deal: Postwar Democracy and the Hegemonic Imaginary of Material Politics in Western Europe

Memory Politics of the Far Right in Europe

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Wilders annyira Trump akar lenni, hogy még nyakkendÅ‘jét is vörösre cserélte

«Wilders hat von Meloni gelernt»

Der Islamhasser als Wahlsieger

NOS Nederland Kiest

Dutch Far-Right Leader Wilders Scores Shock Election Victory

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders scores shock election victory

Noord Vandaag

RUG-historicus: gematigde Wilders wist 'juiste snaar te raken' bij Groningse kiezer

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