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How to find us dr. S.C. (Sabrina) Sauer


Amplifying chance for positive action and serendipity by design

Collective improvisation as a means to responsibly govern serendipity in social innovation processes

NarDis: Narrativizing Disruption -How exploratory search can support media researchers to interpret ‘disruptive’ media events as lucid narratives

A study of narrative creation by means of crowds and niches

Linking data and disciplines: Exploring narratives through computational tools and interdisciplinary brokering

Media Tactics and Engagement: Tactics of narrative creation: engaging with exploratory search tools to research the social acceptance of migrants

The Researcher as Storyteller: Using Digital Tools for Search and Storytelling with Audio-Visual Materials.

Audiovisual Narrative Creation and Creative Retrieval: How Searching for a Story Shapes the Story

DIVE+: Exploring Linked Integrated Data

Habit, craft and creativity: how digital search habits shape the craft of professional audiovisual storytelling

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CLARIAH Research Pilot