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Extending Social Sustainability to Suppliers: The Role of GVC Governance Strategies and Supplier Country Institutions

Capitalizing on the uniqueness of international business: Towards a theory of place, space, and organization

The Changing Role of Social Capital During the Venture Creation Process: A Multilevel Study

The Nature of Societal Conflict in Europe; an Archetypal Analysis of the Postmodern Cosmopolitan, Rural Traditionalist and Urban Precariat

Integrating Diversity into Distance Research for Added Rigor, Parsimony, and Relevance

The anatomy of an award-winning meta-analysis: Recommendations for authors, reviewers, and readers of meta-analytic reviews

A new approach to data access and research transparency (DART)

Einzelganger op zoek naar wat ons bindt: In memoriam Geert Hofstede

The construct of institutional distance through the lens of different institutional perspectives: Review, analysis, and recommendations

Business group affiliation and foreign subsidiary performance

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Polarisatie discussie bij Villa van de Berg

Value Diversity and Regional Economic Development

Value Diversity and Regional Economic Development