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Processing Grammatical Gender in Dutch: Evidence from Eye Movements

The contribution of collocations to L1 and L2 fluency

L2 immersion causes non-native-like L1 pronunciation in German attriters

Age effects in L2 grammar processing as revealed by ERPs and how (not) to study them

The impact of language co-activation on L1 and L2 speech fluency

A bilingual advantage in task switching? Age-related differences between German monolinguals and Dutch-Frisian bilinguals

Complex inferential processes are needed for implicature comprehension, but not for implicature production

Norm-Based Expectations Affect Children's Understanding of Verbal Irony

Does knowledge of social norms help children to understand irony?

Event-Related Potentials Reveal Increased Dependency on Linguistic Context Due to Cognitive Aging

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There Is No Critical Period For Learning A Second Language

National citizen science project for the Weekend of Science 2019

At what age is it easiest to learn a second language?

The best age to learn a second language

Geen kritische periode voor leren tweede taal

Nieuw onderzoek: geen harde leeftijdsgrens voor het leren van grammatica

No critical period for learning grammar

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