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Social Influence and Group Identity

Creativity for the Group: Distinctive Feminists Engage in Divergent Thinking When Acting on Behalf of Women

Do humans possess an autonomous system justification motivation? A Pupillometric test of the strong system justification thesis

Frustration-Affirmation? Thwarted Goals Motivate Compliance With Social Norms for Violence and Nonviolence

Is Martin Luther King or Malcom X the More Acceptable Face of Protest? High-Status Groups' Reactions to Low- Status Groups' Collective Action: High status groups’ reactions to low status groups’ collective action

Subjective status and perceived legitimacy across countries

Talking Politics?: Educational Category Salience Reinforces Differences in People's Willingness to Participate in Deliberative Initiatives

'That's not funny!' Standing up against disparaging humor

Attitude toward protest uniquely predicts (normative and nonnormative) political action by (advantaged and disadvantaged) group members

Education-Based Status in Comparative Perspective: The Legitimization of Education as a Basis for Social Stratification

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