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Not all cells are created equal - endosomal escape in fluorescent nanodiamonds in different cells

Novel uric acid-based nano organocatalyst with phosphorous acid tags: Application for synthesis of new biologically-interest pyridines with indole moieties via a cooperative vinylogous anomeric based oxidation

pH Sensitive Dextran Coated Fluorescent Nanodiamonds as a Biomarker for HeLa Cells Endocytic Pathway and Increased Cellular Uptake

Quantum monitoring of cellular metabolic activities in single mitochondria

Recent advances in natural polymer-based hydroxyapatite scaffolds: Properties and applications

Synthesis of biological based hennotannic acid-based salts over porous bismuth coordination polymer with phosphorous acid tags

Effect of medium and aggregation on antibacterial activity of nanodiamonds

Evaluation of the Oxidative Stress Response of Aging Yeast Cells in Response to Internalization of Fluorescent Nanodiamond Biosensors

Exploring the thumbprints of Ag-hydroxyapatite composite as a surface coating bone material for the implants

High Temperature Treatment of Diamond Particles Toward Enhancement of Their Quantum Properties

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Interview on Dutch radio station Radio Noord