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A mesh network of MnO nanowires and CNTs reinforced by molecularly imprinted structures for the selective detection of para-nitrophenol

Biocompatible Film‐Coating of Magnetic Soft Robots for Mucoadhesive Locomotion

Detecting the metabolism of individual yeast mutant strain cells when aged, stressed or treated with antioxidants with diamond magnetometry

Diamond Quantum Sensing Revealing the Relation between Free Radicals and Huntington's Disease

Elastic moduli of polyelectrolyte multilayer films regulate endothelium-blood interaction under dynamic conditions

Fast, Broad-Band Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Diamond Widefield Relaxometry

Fluorescent nanodiamond labels: Size and concentration matters for sperm cell viability

Fluorescent Nanodiamonds for Tracking Single Polymer Particles in Cells and Tissues

Host-device interactions: exposure of lung epithelial cells and fibroblasts to nickel, titanium, or nitinol affect proliferation, reactive oxygen species production, and cellular signaling

Lipid peroxidation in diamond supported bilayers

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Les diamants deviennent les meilleurs amis des virologues

MRI with a Trampoline

New microscopy concept enters into force

Force Scanning on a Shaky Membrane

Interview on Dutch radio station Radio Noord

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