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How to find us dr. R. (Romana) Schirhagl
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. R. Schirhagl

dr. R. Schirhagl


26.08.1984 in Linz, Austria


Work experience

Since 2018 University of Groningen University Medical Center Groningen, Department of BioMedical Engineering as Tenured Adjunct Professor

Since 2014 University of Groningen University Medical Center Groningen, Department of BioMedical Engineering as Tenure Track Assistant Professor

2011 – 2014 ETH-Zurich postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. Degen at the Department of Physics, (Biosample preparation for nanoMRI and surface chemistry of diamond for magnetic imaging purposes)

2010 – 2011 Stanford University, postdoctoral position, in the group of Prof. Richard N. Zare at the Department of Chemistry, (Fabrication of microfluidic devices for cell handling) 

2009 – 2010 University of Vienna, postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. Franz L. Dickert at the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry, (Detection of Viruses, Pesticides, Hormones with surface modified polymers)



2007-2009 Vienna University, PhD thesis defended with distinction, title: “Plastic immunoglobulins for the detection of bio - analytes with sensors” in the group of Prof. Franz L. Dickert

2007 Vienna University, Masters thesis titled “QCM-sensors based on artificial antibodies” in the group of Prof. Franz L. Dickert

2007-2009 Study of Biology, University of Vienna (Bachelor not finished)

2003–2007 Study of Chemistry, University of Vienna (Bachelor plus Masters, Finished below official minimal time)

1995-2003 Grammar school (Bundesrealgymnasium Steyr)


Awards and Scholarships

2019 ASPASIA 100 kEUR personal career grant to promote women

2018 VIDI grant “MicroESR - High speed magnetic resonance measurements”, 800kEUR personal career grant

2017  NWO Demonstrator grant (150 kEUR title: Optically detected high speed magnetic resonance measurements)

2017  DCM Early Career Research Award (Awarded for my achievements in the field of diamond based sensing)

2016 ERC starting grant (1500 kEUR, title: stress imaging)

2016 FOM project granted (400 kEUR by the Dutch Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie) (Netherlands)

2016 Ewald Wicke Award (for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of applied physical chemistry) (Germany, Austria Switzerland)

2015 Academics Young Scientist of the Year Prize (awarded for excellence in science) (Germany)

2015 Fachgruppenpreis fuer analytische Chemie: (Prize for analytical chemistry of the German chemical Society, awarded for outstanding scientific achievements) (Germany)

2014 Theodor Koerner Prize (based on innovative research projects) (Austria)

2013 Rosalind Franklin Fellowship (awarded for excellence in science) (Netherlands)

 2013 Academics Young Scientist of the Year Prize  (awarded for excellence in science) (Germany)

2013 ASAC JunganalytikerInnen Prize (awarded for the paper: “Separation of Bacteria with Imprinted Polymeric Films” R. Schirhagl, EW. Hall, I. Fuereder, RN. Zare, Analyst, 137 (6), (2012), 1495-1499) (Austria)

2013 Excellence prize: “Talentförderungsprämie des Landes Oberösterreich” (awarded based on excellence in science) (Austria)

2013 ICBS2013 Travel Award for Young Researchers awarded for my conference contribution “Microfluidic Cell Separation” to the ICBS in Tsukuba (Japan)

2012 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Scholarship (Intra-European Fellowships (Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF) (awarded for the grant proposal titled: “Quarternary Structure Imaging with Nano-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Nano-MRI)” (European Union)

2012 Exzellence Scholarship IV Kaernten (awarded based on excellence in science) (Austria)

2007 Merit scholarship of the town Steyr (awarded based on excellence in studying) (Austria)

2006 Merit scholarship “Stipendium aus den Mitteln der Stiftungen und Sondervermögen” (annually awarded to one applicant who completed most credits with best grades) (Austria)

2002 and 2003 Gold and Silver medal in Upperaustrian Chemistry tournament („Chemieolympiade“, awarded based on an exam) (Austria)


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Contact information

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