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prof. dr. R. (Robbert) Sanderman

Emeritus Professor
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Current PhD projects

  • Alexandra. Husivargová. Individual CBT vs. CBT in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Prof. dr. R. Sanderman & Dr. I. Nagyova See:
  • Birte Klusmann. Mind the System - Evaluating school-based mindfulness yoga interventions. Dr. M.J. Schroevers & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman
  • Noopur Singh. Patients centred therapy and serious gaming. , Prof. dr. A.V. Ranchor & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman
  • Johanna Pyykkö Life after bariatric surgery - psychosocial and behavioral issues. Prof. dr. Robbert Sanderman, Prof. dr. Mariët Hagedoorn & dr. Victor Gerdes (AmsterdamUMC).
  • Sofia Bastoni (University of Twente) Development and implementation of Smart Solutions. Prof. dr. J.E.W.C van Gemert-Pijnen (UT), Prof. dr. R. Sanderman & Prof. dr. A. Gaggioli (Università Cattolica di Milano, Italy).
  • Július Evelley
  • Sanja Balalic. Een robot voor de oudere: gesel of gezel? Promotores: Prof. dr. R. Sanderman, Prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn. Co-promotor: Dr. N. Degens.
  • Laura Kundrátová 

Completed Ph.D. Projects (2022 - 1994)


  • Chelsea Coumoundouros (Uppsala University, Sweden) - Implementing eHealth psychological support for informal carers: a pragmatic realist complex intervention approach.

  • Feyuna Jansma. Self-management and serious gaming. Prof. dr. R. Sanderman, & dr. I. Wenzler

  • Roberto Cruz Martinez (University of Twente). Support of eHealth technology in self-management behaviours of non-communicable diseases. Prof. dr. J.E.W.C van Gemert-Pijnen (UT) & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman

  • Judith Austin. Development and evaluation of self-compassion app for cancer patients.

  • Giulia Ferraris. Diversity of experiences in caregiver-care recipient dyads. Promotores: Prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn, Prof. dr. R. Sanderman, Prof. dr. L. von Essen. ENTWINE.


  • Ieva Biliunaite (Linköping University, Sweden) Implementation of supportive intervention for older spousal caregivers. Prof. dr. G. Anderson (Linköping University, Sweden), Prof. dr. R.  Sanderman & Prof. dr. E. Kazlauskas (University of Vilnius, Lithuania)


  • Dr. S. Spahrkäs (2021). The Untire Project: Reducing cancer-related fatigue in (former) fatigued cancer patients by means of an m-Health intervention. Promotores: Prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn, Prof. dr. R. Sanderman. Co-promotor: Dr. A. Looijmans.
  • Mònica E. Lobato Concha. Children and adolescents' drug problem use in Chile: The role of the family in the maintenance and abstinence in vulnerable children and young offenders. Prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman
  • Fatemeh Akbari. Towards a better understanding of social interaction in pain: exploring the mechanisms underlying pain communication and associated outcomes. Prof. dr. M. Hagedoorn, Prof. dr. R. Sanderman & Dr. Dehghani (Shahid Beheshti University - Teheran).


  • Lutz Siemer (University of Twente). LiveSmokefree-Study: blended smoking cessation treatment versus face-to-face treatment. Prof. dr. R. Sanderman & Dr. M. Pieterse (UT) & Prof. dr. S. Ben Allouch 
  • Harma J. Alma. Minimal clinical differences in primary care. Prof. dr. T. van der Molen Prof. dr. R. Sanderman &  & Dr. C. De Jong
  • Loek van der Donk. Mindfulness & Cancer. Dr. M.J. Schroevers, Dr. J. Fleer & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman
  • Daphne Kuiper. The implementation of GRIP and GLANS courses. Prof. dr. R. Sanderman, Dr. B.J.M. Stevering, Prof. dr. S.A. Reijneveld & Dr. M.M. Goededorp


  • Gemma Maters. A psychological intervention in COPD patients with an exacerbation: an RCT to improve health related quality of life outcomes and study mechanisms of change. Prof. dr. R. Sanderman, Dr. J. Wempe & Dr. G. Pool


  • Esther Metting. Feasibility and effectiveness of an Asthma/COPD service for primary care. Prof. dr. T. van der Molen, Prof. dr. R. Sanderman,  & Dr. J.W.H. Kocks
  • Yvette Ciere. Adaptation to chronic headache. Prof. dr. R. Sanderman & Dr. J. Fleer. (LinkedIn of Yvette)


  • Floor Bennebroek Evertsz' (UvA). Quality of Life, Anxiety, Depression in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: From Screening to the Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Intervention. Prof. dr. M.A.G. Sprangers, Prof. dr. C.L.H. Bockting, P.C.F. Stokkers & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman (LinkedIn of Floor)
  • Floor Sieverink (University of Twente). Opening a black box of e-Health - a mixed method approach for the evaluation of personal health records. Prof. dr. J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen & Prof. dr. R. Sanderman. (LinkedIn of Floor)






















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