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Research interests

Behapp: Longitudinal monitoring of social behavior in real life
We aim to provide novel insights into normal social behaviors of individuals, and identify longitudinal deviations of social profiles that may predict risk for developing behavioral disorders. For these studies, the Behapp research platform will be used to study human daily social behavior (


A new intervention for implementation of pharmacogenetics in psychiatry: A description of the PSY-PGx clinical study

It’s all about timing: Exploring different temporal resolutions for analyzing digital-phenotyping data

Assessment of social behavior using a passive monitoring app in cognitively normal and cognitively impaired older adults: Observational study

Digital phenotyping: Operation & execution

A study of novel exploratory tools, digital technologies, and central nervous system biomarkers to characterize unipolar depression

Digital phenotyping and the COVID-19 pandemic: Capturing behavioral change in patients with psychiatric disorders

Requirements and operational guidelines for secure and sustainable digital phenotyping: Design and development study

Social behavior assessment in cognitively impaired older adults using a passive and remote smartphone application

A framework for assessing neuropsychiatric phenotypes by using smartphone-based location data

Behapp: Digital phenotyping platform & app (iOS, Android)

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Fortanix External Key Manager pairs with Google Cloud Platform to help users tackle privacy challenges

BEHAPP: Capturing social behavior through a smartphone application

Don’t worry, BeHapp - How your mobile phone can help science

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