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All-dry, one-step synthesis, doping and film formation of conductive polypyrrole

Cross-Linking of Polypropylene via the Diels-Alder Reaction

Designing End-of-life Recyclable Polymers via Diels-Alder Chemistry: A Review on the Kinetics of Reversible Reactions

Electroactive Self-Healing Shape Memory Polymer Composites Based on Diels–Alder Chemistry

Intrinsic Self-Healing Epoxies in Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) for Aerospace Applications

Maleimide Self-Reaction in Furan/Maleimide-Based Reversibly Crosslinked Polyketones: Processing Limitation or Potential Advantage?

Polytriphenylamine composites for energy storage electrodes: Effect of pendant vs. backbone polymer architecture of the electroactive group

Relationship between Structure and Rheology of Hydrogels for Various Applications

Self-Healing Polymer Nanocomposite Materials by Joule Effect

Thermally Switchable Electrically Conductive Thermoset rGO/PK Self-Healing Composites

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