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Design of a manually propelled wheelchair: optimizing a wheelchair-user combination

Effects of resistance on 3d force application during low-intensity handcycling in healthy men

Effects of gear, imposed resistance and crank mode on the mechanical efficiency and physiological parameters during sub-maximal handcycling in healthy men

Nuttige informatie op de SupportBeurs: Check je Zit

Practice effects on low intensity synchronous handcycling in able-bodied men: A biophysical approach

WHEEL-I:: development of a wheelchair propulsion laboratory

Wheelchair mobility performance of elite wheelchair tennis players during four field tests: Inter-trial reliability and construct validity

POSTER: Practice-based skill acquisition of pushrim-activated power-assisted wheelchair propulsion versus regular handrim propulsion in novices

6th RehabMove congress 'Rehabilitation: mobility, exercise & sports', program book

Rehabmove 2018 Congress and Zenodo: Passionate about Open Science!

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De onbeperkte spelen

Je bent zo snel als je slechste arm

Rolstoeler belast schouders te veel

Scientist in focus

Research minute Young Academy Groningen

Sportlab Sedoc met Jetze Plat

Rolstoelrijden moet je leren

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