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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. R.J.K. (Riemer) Vegter

Human Movement Sciences: Assistant Professor

Projectleader WheelPower


- Enrico Ferlinghetti (With Matteo Lancini, Brescia University)

   >Markerless movement registration of wheelchair propulsion

- Roos Duijn (With Alessio Murgia & Claudine Lamoth, UMCG)

   >Elbow biomechanics after Total Elbow Arthroplasty

- Reto Togni (With William Taylor, ETH Zurich)

   >Novel steering backrest for wheelchair propulsion

- Jelmer Braaksma (With Sonja de Groot & Han Houdijk, UMCG)

   >Pushrim-Activated Power Assist Wheelchairs

- Danielle Meijering (With Sjoerd Bulstra, Martin Stevens and Denise Eygendal, UMCG)

   >Improving Total Elbow Arthroplasty outcomes

- Rowie Janssen (With Luc van der Woude, Sonja de Groot & Han Houdijk, UMCG)

   > Wheelpower exercise testing

- Bram Bastiaansen (With Koen Lemmink & Michel Brink, UMCG)

   > Smart sensor shorts to prevent football injuries

Former PhD-students:

- Thomas Rietveld (With Luc van der Woude & Sonja de Groot, UMCG)

   > Wheeling performance in wheelchair tennis

- Cassandra Kraaijenbrink (With Luc van der Woude & Heiko Wagner, UMCG/Muenster)

   > Optimisation of daily handcycling

- Simon Briley (With Vicky Goosey -Tolfrey & Barry Mason, Loughborough University

   > Wheelchair sports biomechanics

- Rick de Klerk (With Luc van der Woude & DirkJan Veeger, UMCG)

   > Development of a wheelchair propulsion laboratory

- Marika Leving (With Luc van der Woude & Sonja de Groot, UMCG)

   > Understanding the motor learning process in handrim wheelchair propulsion


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