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ADHD and brain anatomy: What do academic textbooks used in the Netherlands tell students?

ADHD and brain anatomy: First do no harm!

Discussion points for Bayesian inference

Replication Target Selection in Clinical Psychology: A Bayesian and Qualitative Re-Evaluation​

The Effect of Preregistration on Trust in Empirical Research Findings: Results of a Registered Report

Unfolding collaborative learning assessment literacy: A reflection on current assessment methods in higher education

Academic textbooks on ADHD genetics: Balanced or biased? (vol 12, 1305590, 2017)

An empirical analysis of alleged misunderstandings of coefficient alpha

Literature practices: processes leading up to a citation

Multiple Perspectives on Inference for Two Simple Statistical Scenarios

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Open Science: everyone in favour, raise your hand

Onderzoekers zijn vaak te stellig en generaliseren te makkelijk