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Temperature effects on DNA damage during hibernation

The Novel Compound SUL-138 Counteracts Endothelial Cell and Kidney Dysfunction in Sepsis by Preserving Mitochondrial Function

Association between oxidized nucleobases and mitochondrial DNA damage with long-term mortality in patients with sepsis

Chromanol compounds for treatment of heart failure

Comparison of Machine Learning Models Including Preoperative, Intraoperative, and Postoperative Data and Mortality After Cardiac Surgery

Cooling of Cells and Organs Confers Extensive DNA Strand Breaks Through Oxidative Stress and ATP Depletion

Homozygous whole body Cbs knockout in adult mice features minimal pathology during ageing despite severe homocysteinemia

Mild hypothermia during cardiopulmonary bypass assisted CABG is associated with improved short- and long-term survival, a 18- year cohort study

Perivascular adipose tissue-derived nitric oxide compensates endothelial dysfunction in aged pre-atherosclerotic apolipoprotein E-deficient rats

Plasma Free Thiol Levels during Early Sepsis Predict Future Renal Function Decline

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In de tussentijd

De toekomst is fantastisch

Homo spatius

The Search for a New Earth

Wat als mensen een winterslaap kunnen houden

Radio interview BBC4

Mission to Mars: hibernation and Space Travel

Leven op de waakvlam: strategie, nut en noodzaak van een winterslaap

Iedereen in winterslaap

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