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Mild and deep hypothermia differentially affect cerebral neuroinflammatory and cold shock response following cardiopulmonary bypass in rat

Mitochondrial Targeting against Alzheimer’s Disease: Lessons from Hibernation

Safety, tolerability and toxicokinetics of the novel mitochondrial drug SUL-138 administered orally to rat and minipig

Societal costs of sepsis in the Netherlands

Developing Effective Questionnaire-Based Prediction Models for Type 2 Diabetes for Several Ethnicities

Effective questionnaire-based prediction models for type 2 diabetes across several ethnicities: a model development and validation study

GYY4137-Derived Hydrogen Sulfide Donates Electrons to the Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain via Sulfide: Quinone Oxidoreductase in Endothelial Cells

Hibernation and hemostasis

Inhibition of Ferroptosis Enables Safe Rewarming of HEK293 Cells following Cooling in University of Wisconsin Cold Storage Solution

Liver transcriptomic and methylomic analyses identify transcriptional mitogen-activated protein kinase regulation in facultative hibernation of Syrian hamster

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Asking for a friend: hoe haalbaar is een menselijke winterslaap eigenlijk?

Onderzoekers brachten apen in winterslaap: kan dat met mensen ook?

'Als een beer met een snufje hamster'

In de tussentijd

De toekomst is fantastisch

Homo spatius

The Search for a New Earth

Wat als mensen een winterslaap kunnen houden

Radio interview BBC4

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