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How to find us prof. dr. R. (Reinoud) Gosens


A synthetic peptide as an allosteric inhibitor of human arginase I and II

A unique small cell lung carcinoma disease progression model shows progressive accumulation of cancer stem cell properties and CD44 as a potential diagnostic marker

D-dopachrome tautomerase contributes to lung epithelial repair via atypical chemokine receptor 3-dependent Akt signaling

How to get the most out of the ERS International Congress 2021 and an overview of the Early Career Member session

Human pluripotent stem cells for the modelling and treatment of respiratory diseases

LL-37 and HMGB1 induce alveolar damage and reduce lung tissue regeneration via RAGE

Mapping Arginase Expression with 18F-Fluorinated Late-Generation Arginase Inhibitors Derived from Quaternary α-Amino Acids

National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and Building Respiratory Epithelium and Tissue for Health (BREATH) Consortium Workshop Report: Moving Forward in Lung Regeneration

Prostaglandin D-2: the end of a story or just the beginning?

Publisher Correction: Inhibition of LTβR signalling activates WNT-induced regeneration in lung

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De donkere kant van de long


Crowdfunding activity for Proefdiervrij: asthma model on chip

Interview for iPulmonologist

Mailing to Longfonds members on research activities in the area of lung repair

Press release role of Fstl1 in smokers

Artikel Longwijzer: STOP longschade!

Educational video on mode of action of anticholinergics and beta-agonists

Commissielid Dirkje Postma Talent award

Acetylcholine beyond bronchoconstriction: roles in inflammation and remodelling

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