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Affordances in a simple playscape: Are children attracted to challenging affordances?

Information without content: A Gibsonian reply to enactivists' worries

Visual illusions and direct perception: Elaborating on Gibson's insights

The degree to which traditional play equipment, Parkour play elements, and Aldo van Eyck's play sculptures have an open function

Are Children Attracted to Play Elements with an Open Function?

Crossing the Gap: Older Adults Do Not Create Less Challenging Stepping Stone Configurations Than Young Adults

De dood tarten of zoeken naar mens-zijn? Waarom extreme sporten minder extreem zijn dan het lijkt.

On the Education About/of Radical Embodied Cognition

Studies in Perception and Action XV: Twentieth International Conference on Perception and Action.

The empowering variability of affordances of nature: Why do exercisers feel better after performing the same exercise in natural environments than in indoor environments?

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