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How to find us prof. dr. R.G.E. (Rob) Timmermans

prof. dr. R.G.E. (Rob) Timmermans

Vice-dean, portfolio education; professor theoretical physics
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Enhanced P,T-violating nuclear magnetic quadrupole moment effects in laser-coolable molecules

Baryon-Number Violation by Two Units and the Deuteron Lifetime

Enhancement factor for the electric dipole moment of the electron in the BaOH and YbOH molecules

High accuracy theoretical investigations of CaF, SrF, and BaF and implications for laser-cooling

Lifetime measurements of the A (2)Pi(1/2) and A (2)Pi(3/2) states in BaF

Intense molecular beams to test fundamental physics

Measuring the electric dipole moment of the electron in BaF

Measuring the electron-EDM using a slow, intense and cold beam of BaF molecules 3:36 PM–3:48 PM

Question of Lorentz violation in muon decay

Test of Lorentz invariance in β decay of polarized 20Na

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