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Research interests

I am a Professor at the Kapteyn Institute at the University of Groningen. I study the formation and evolution of galaxies, by studying their structure, kinematics and stellar populations. At the moment, I my research is mostly focused on studying dwarf galaxies in the nearby Universe, but I am also very interested in working on new techniques to better study the galaxy population.

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See here for my updated list of publications.


Enhanced destruction of cluster satellites by major mergers

Euclid: Early Release Observations -- Overview of the Perseus cluster and analysis of its luminosity and stellar mass functions

Euclid: Early Release Observations -- Programme overview and pipeline for compact- and diffuse-emission photometry

Euclid: Early Release Observations -- Globular clusters in the Fornax galaxy cluster, from dwarf galaxies to the intracluster field

Euclid. I. Overview of the Euclid mission

Multi-Spectral Source-Segmentation using Semantically-Informed Max-Trees

Signal-background separation and energy reconstruction of gamma rays using pattern spectra and convolutional neural networks for the Small-Sized Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array

The SAMI-Fornax Dwarfs Survey-IV. Star formation histories of dwarf and early-Type galaxies: Insights from full spectral fitting

The star formation histories of galaxies in different stages of pre-processing in the Fornax A group

A giant thin stellar stream in the Coma Galaxy Cluster

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