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How to find us prof. dr. R.C. (Ritsert) Jansen

prof. dr. R.C. (Ritsert) Jansen

Dean of Talent Development and Professor Bioinformatics
prof. dr. R.C. (Ritsert) Jansen
+31 50 36 38089 (Personal)
+31 50 36 36844 (Secretary)


FitTetra 2.0-improved genotype calling for tetraploids with multiple population and parental data support

Systems Genetics for Evolutionary Studies

reGenotyper: Detecting mislabeled samples in genetic data

Cell Specific eQTL Analysis without Sorting Cells

Gene expression analysis identifies global gene dosage sensitivity in cancer

Pheno2Geno: High-throughput generation of genetic markers and maps from molecular phenotypes for crosses between inbred strains

Rate, spectrum, and evolutionary dynamics of spontaneous epimutations

Toward effective software solutions for big biology

Mapping the Epigenetic Basis of Complex Traits

Natural variation of histone modification and its impact on gene expression in the rat genome

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The Secret Garden—Epigenetic Alleles Underlie Complex Traits

Revolutionaire kijk op erfelijkheid planten