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prof. dr. R.C. (Ritsert) Jansen

Decaan Talentontwikkeling en Hoogleraar Bioinformatica
prof. dr. R.C. (Ritsert) Jansen
050 36 38089 (Persoonlijk)
050 36 36844 (Secretariaat)

Short Curriculum Vitae

  Author of Cambridge University Press
  2018: Leading Your Research Team in Science.
  2013: Funding Your Career in Science.
  2011: Developing a Talent for Science.


Dean of Talent Development, University of Groningen


Professor of Bioinformatics, University of Groningen, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FWN), Head of Groningen Bioinformatics Centre (GBIC), a joint initiative of FWN and FMW (Faculty of Medical Sciences). The centre is part of the the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB).

1999 – 2001:

Leader of cluster ’Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics’, Plant Research International B.V.

1997 – 1999:

Senior scientist bioinformatics, Plant Research International B.V.

1988 – 1996:

Consultant and scientist Biostatistics at various research institutes in Wageningen


PhD Doctorate, Wageningen University, 26 February 1995 Supervisor (‘Promotor’) Prof. dr. P. Stam, Prof. dr. R.N. Curnow (University Reading, UK)

Title of thesis "Mapping quantitative trait loci in plants: a novel statistical approach" (cum laude = top 3%)


Master’s (‘Doctoraal’) Mathematics, University of Groningen, 17 December 1987

Main subject Mathematical Statistics (cum laude = top 3%)

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