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R.C. (Ruven) Fleming, Dr

Assistant Professor; Scientific Coordinator Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability
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Europe’s security of gas supply legislation – a short legal history and latest developments

Zur Entwicklung von Wasserstoff-Netzinfrastrukturen in Deutschland bis zum Jahr 2030

A Force of Energy: Essays in Energy Law in Honour of Professor Martha Roggenkamp

Editorial Preface

Hydrogen Networks: Networks of the Future?

The Hydrogen Revolution and Natural Gas: A New Dawn in the European Union?

Clean or renewable - hydrogen and power-to-gas in EU energy law

Energy Law, Climate Change and the Environment

Green and Just? An update on the `European Green Deal´

Green Hydrogen Developments in the EU: Cross-Border Cooperation Between Germany and the Netherlands

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Niederlande: Verdruss über Deutschlands Energiepolitik

Is EU wel solidair in een gascrisis?

Bloomberg BNN (Associated Press) `How Europe is trying to deal with its gas crisis´

ABC News `How Europe is trying to deal with its gas crisis´

El frío y los precios definen la crisis europea del gas

Europe gas crisis hinges on cold, high prices luring supply

Cómo intenta combatir la UE su crisis del gas natural

Deutsche Welle (DW) `Europe's climate woes — can this tech help? Power-to-Gas´

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