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Circadian entrainment to red-light Zeitgebers and action spectrum for entrainment in the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis

Energy balance drives diurnal and nocturnal brain transcriptome rhythms

Melatonin does not affect the stress-induced phase shifts of peripheral clocks in male mice

Recommendations for measuring and standardizing light for laboratory mammals to improve welfare and reproducibility in animal research

Adrenalectomy prevents the effects of social defeat stress on PER2 rhythms in some peripheral tissues in male mice

Ambient temperature effects on the spring and autumn somatic growth trajectory show plasticity in the photoneuroendocrine response pathway in the tundra vole

Circadian rhythm entrainment of the jewel wasp, Nasonia vitripennis, by antagonistic interactions of multiple spectral inputs

Effects of near-infrared light on well-being and health in human subjects with mild sleep-related complaints: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study

Machine learning estimation of human body time using metabolomic profiling

Seasonal adaptation: Geographic photoperiod-temperature patterns explain genetic variation in the common vole Tsh receptor

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NU+ Somber en moe in het voorjaar: bestaat er ook een lentedip?

Expert comment in Dutch radio show Nieuws en Co

Zitten we wel in de goede tijdzone?

New machine-learning method predicts body clock timing to improve sleep and health decisions

Wijzer van de Klok

Blief bie de tied: klok vannacht uur vooruit

Blaauw Sterrenwacht opent zaterdag de deuren tijdens Landelijke Sterrenkijkdagen

Moeite met opstaan? Daar kun jij niks aan doen!

Alledaagse Vragen - Leven we in de juiste tijdzone?

Zo ga je het beste om met de start van de wintertijd

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