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prof. dr. R.A. (Roelof) Hut

Professor Chronobiology
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+31 50 36 32060 (office)

1990-1991 MSc: Research project 'Life History theory'

1991-1992 MSc: Research project 'Physiology of Hibernation'

1994-2000 PhD: project Natural Entrainment of Circadian Systems - A study in the diurnal ground squirrel

2000-2002 PD: EC MC Fellowship Photon integration in the circadian system: irradiance and temporal variation

2002-2003 PI: INSERM vert postdoc project Malgorzata Oklejewicz Regulation de la sensibilité du système circadien

2002-2005 PI: NWO-VENI fellowship Genes for Time

2004-2005 PI: EC MC Re-integration fellowship The role of circadian clock genes in the eye: A shift in scientific focus

2005-2010 PD: EU FP6 project EUCLOCK- mouse

2007-2009 PI: EC MC fellowship Violetta Pilorz: Work around the Clock: effects of shift work

2007-2010 coPI: NWO-ALW project Mechanisms of photoperiodism in Nasonia vitripennis

2008          PI: EMBO short term fellowship Luciferase Imaging Techniques

2010-2015 PI: PhD project Vincent van der Vinne Plasticity in daily timing of behaviour - Causes and Consequences

2011-2016 PI: NWO-ALW equipment grant: Tracing Time: imaging circadian clocks in heterogeneous tissues

2012          PI: Phillips research project Enhancing circadian amplitude

2012-2016 PI: PhD project Sjaak Riede Hypothalamic clocks and their functional plasticity

2012-2016 PI: EC COST grant LoNNe (Loss of the Night)

2013-2017 PI: STW Perspectief grant OnTime - Algorithms for human circadian phase estimation

2013-2017 PI: EC MC ITN INsecTIME PhD project Theresa Floesnner Circadian light responses in Nasonia vitripennis

2015         coPI: Animal & Human Experimentation RuG eLearning development grant

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