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How to find us prof. dr. P. (Peter) de Jonge

prof. dr. P. de Jonge

Hoogleraar Ontwikkelingspsychologie / Vice-decaan Onderzoek
prof. dr. P. de Jonge
050 36 36182 (secretariaat Faculteitsbestuur)

One of the projects I am currently involved in, is This is a website in which we assess individuals from the Netherlands to see (1) if we can conceptualise psychopathology in terms of gradual severity levels rather than yes/no as is currently done in DSM, and (2) if we can use strengths and not only weaknesses in order to define levels of psychopathology. Please look at and register. You will receive automatic feedback on your scores and we will invite you for some very interesting projects in the near future, such as a personalised network model of your own well being. 

 In the following link, several of the research projects in which I am involved can be found:


I am/have been involved as a supervisor in the following Ph.D. projects:


1.       JP van Melle: Depression after Myocardial Infarction – etiological, prognostic and therapeutical aspects.

2.       HJ Conradi: Treatment and Risk Factors for Depression

3.       TA Spijkerman: Specifying the influence of post-myocardial infarction depression on cardiovascular prognosis.

4.       KI Kaptein: Recovery from depression: new insights in time-course analyses.

5.       MAC Tanke: Serotonin, cortisol and stress-related psychopathology from bench to bed.

6.       MJ Manley: Nicotine dependence as a psychiatric disorder.

7.       ORF Smith: Trajectories of fatigue in patients with heart disease.

8.       B Doornbos: Hormones, Monoamines and Peripartum Affective Symptoms.

9.       M Zuidersma: Subtypes of post-ACS depression.

10.     AM Roest: Anxiety and depression following ACS.

11.     PW Hoen: Individual symptoms of depression and cardiac prognosis.

12.     M Bot: Depression and diabetes.

13.     HE Duivis: Depression and Inflammation.

14.     E Kingma: Functional complaints and intelligence.

15.     A Meijer: Depression in somatic disease: review of the literature. 

16.    R Hoenders: Integrative Psychiatry

17.     JAJ van der Krieke: The Patient in the driver’s seat

18.     NA Groenewold: Post-MI depression and depression in the general population: an fMRI study.

19.     SL van Ockenburg: Stress and somatic disease.

20.     N Stavrakakis: Depression and physical activity.

21.     SH Booij: The temporal dynamics of socially and non-socially oriented physical activity and mood.

22.     H van Loo: Deconstructing depression.

23.     W Winthorst: Seasonal affective disorder.

24.     M Meurs: Differential etiology of depression in the presence and absence of heart disease.

25.     R Wanders: Advanced IRT models on depression.

26.     M Bouwmans: Time series analysis on depression and sleep.

27.     R Monden: 3 way PCA on dimensionality and temporability of depressive symptoms.


28.     S de Vos: Graphical analysis of affective symptoms

29.     RB Toonen: Nonlinear dynamical models for affective symptoms

30.     M Schenk: Biomarkers for positive affect

31.     F Blaauw: Automated generation of patient feedback

32. W Winthorst

33. M Sluiter

34. B Wienen

35. C Vrijen

36. O Gmelin

37. A Reitsema

38. F Boven

39. J Kreienkamp, 40. R Huijzer

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