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Double-Orthogonal Gradient-Based High-Throughput Screening Platform for Studying Cell Response Toward Combined Physicochemical Biomaterial Properties

Effects of sterilization on nanogel-based universal coatings: An essential step for clinical translation

Layered Double Hydroxides: Recent Progress and Promising Perspectives Toward Biomedical Applications

Minimally designed thermo-magnetic dual responsive soft robots for complex applications

A Universal Nanogel-Based Coating Approach for Medical Implant Materials

Bioinspired Processing: Complex Coacervates as Versatile Inks for 3D Bioprinting

Collagen type I alters the proteomic signature of macrophages in a collagen morphology-dependent manner

Fabrication and characterization of organically modified layered double hydroxide/poly (lactic acid) nanocomposite by sonication-assisted solution compounding method

Layered Double Hydroxides as an Intercalation System for Hydrophobic Molecules

Nanogel-based coating as an alternative strategy for biofilm control in drinking water distribution systems

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Winkler Prins College Tour ontving wetenschapper Dr. Patrick van Rijn

Universitätsklinikum Groningen bestätigt Wirksamkeit von Li.LAC


Moleculair motortje bepaalt lot stamcel

Molecular motors direct the fate of stem cells

Snelle test beoordeelt geschiktheid van implantaat

BiomACS aims to revolutionise the land of prosthetics

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