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Associations between tinnitus and glaucoma suggest a common mechanism: A clinical and population-based study

Changes in Tinnitus by Cochlear Implantation: A Parametric Study of the Effect of Single-Electrode Stimulation

Cortical Tonotopic Map Changes in Humans Are Larger in Hearing Loss Than in Additional Tinnitus

Frequency selectivity of tonal language native speakers probed by suppression tuning curves of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions

Gray matter declines with age and hearing loss, but is partially maintained in tinnitus

Hyperacusis in tinnitus patients relates to enlarged subcortical and cortical responses to sound except at the tinnitus frequency

Intraocular and intracranial pressure in glaucoma patients taking acetazolamide

Modeling the characteristics of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in lizards

Suppression tuning of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in the barn owl (Tyto alba)

The cerebellar (para)flocculus: A review on its auditory function and a possible role in tinnitus

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Artikel in Algemeen Dagblad n.a.v. Week van de Tinnitus

VLOG n.a.v. Week van de TInnitus

De ernst van tinnitus is nu te meten, tussen de oren

Oorsuizen: als de kakafonie in je hoofd nooit ophoudt

Op het eerste gezicht mysterieus, maar uiteindelijk logisch verklaarbaar



Press Release concerning the TIN-ACT Marie Curie grant

Vraagtekens over 3.000 euro kostende therapie tegen oorsuizen: 'bizar goede' behandeling of placebo?

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