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A retrospective cross-sectional study on tinnitus prevalence and disease associations in the Dutch population-based cohort Lifelines

Author Correction: Gray matter declines with age and hearing loss, but is partially maintained in tinnitus

Changes in Tinnitus by Cochlear Implantation: A Parametric Study of the Effect of Single-Electrode Stimulation

Frequency drift in MR spectroscopy at 3T

Hyperacusis in tinnitus patients relates to enlarged subcortical and cortical responses to sound except at the tinnitus frequency

Investigating the relation between minimum masking levels and hearing thresholds for tinnitus subtyping

Macrostructural Changes of the Acoustic Radiation in Humans with Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Revealed with Fixel-Based Analysis

Too Blind to See the Elephant?: Why Neuroscientists Ought to Be Interested in Tinnitus

Validation of a Dutch version of the Tinnitus Functional Index in a tertiary referral tinnitus clinic

Associations between tinnitus and glaucoma suggest a common mechanism: A clinical and population-based study

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Neurowetenschappelijk onderzoek naar tinnitus

Artikel in Algemeen Dagblad n.a.v. Week van de Tinnitus

VLOG n.a.v. Week van de TInnitus

De ernst van tinnitus is nu te meten, tussen de oren

Oorsuizen: als de kakafonie in je hoofd nooit ophoudt

Op het eerste gezicht mysterieus, maar uiteindelijk logisch verklaarbaar



Press Release concerning the TIN-ACT Marie Curie grant

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