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Research interests

Patrizio Raffa is Associate Professor in Smart and Sustainable Polymeric Products. His current research aims at developing new multifunctional polymeric materials relevant for industrial applications. In particular, he is interested in amphiphilic and stimuli-responsive polymers obtained via controlled polymerization methods, and in the use of bio-derived building blocks for the synthesis of sustainable polymeric products. These can be used in various applications as rheology modifiers, emulsifiers, dispersants, binders for coatings, controlled release systems, and smart/multifunctional materials.


Anti-freezing conductive zwitterionic composite hydrogels for stable multifunctional sensors

Facile Handling of 3D Two‐Photon Polymerized Microstructures by Ultra‐Conformable Freestanding Polymeric Membranes

Lactic Acid-Derived Copolymeric Surfactants with Monomer Distribution Profile-Dependent Solution and Thermoresponsive Properties

Superabsorbent Polymers: From long-established, microplastics generating systems, to sustainable, biodegradable and future proof alternatives

Synthesis and solution properties of poly(p,α dimethylstyrene-co-maleic anhydride): The use of a monomer potentially obtained from renewable sources as a substitute of styrene in amphiphilic copolymers

Synthesis of poly(1-vinylimidazole)-block-poly(9-vinylcarbazole) copolymers via RAFT and their use in chemically responsive graphitic composites

A Structure-Properties Relationship Study of Self-Healing Materials Based on Styrene and Furfuryl Methacrylate Cross-Linked via Diels-Alder Chemistry

Design and Synthesis of Low Molecular Weight and Polymeric Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Design and synthesis of novel di‐ and triblock amphiphilic polyelectrolytes: Improving salt‐induced viscosity reduction of water solutions for potential application in enhanced oil recovery

Direct synthesis via RAFT of amphiphilic diblock polyelectrolytes facilitated by the use of a polymerizable ionic liquid as a monomer

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Dr. Bose, Dr. Raffa and Prof. Picchioni partners in EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open Program consortium