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Practical matters How to find us P. (Patrizio) Raffa, Dr

P. (Patrizio) Raffa, Dr

Assistant Professor in Polymeric Products

since 01/2017: assistant professor in polymeric products @ RuG

2016: post-doc @ Wetsus (characterization of polyelectrolytes for sludge dewatering)

2013-2016: post-doc @ RuG
- research on polymeric surfactants and thermoreversible polymer composites
- supervision of bachelor, master and PhD students
- lecturer of Polymer Chemistry
- lecturer of Colloid Chemistry (Wetsus academy)
- lecturer of Structures and Molecules

2011-2013: post-doc @ RuG (DPI project #716, polymeric surfactants for enhanced oil recovery)

2010-2011: post-doc @ DCCI - Pisa (polymeric blends based on post-consumer PET) 

2009:  post-doc @ CNR-INFM - Pisa (development of protein-based biosensors for smart food packaging)

2008:  post-doc @ IRCE - Lyon (Pt/C catalyzed wet air oxidation of primary and secondary aromatic and heteroaromatic alcohol)

2005-2007:  PhD @ Scuola Normale Superiore and Dept. of Chemistry - Pisa (size-selective synthesis, characterization and catalytic applications of stabilized transition metal nanoparticles)

2004:  MSc thesis @ Scuola Normale Superiore and Dept. of Chemistry - Pisa (mechanistic study of fluoride promoted organosilanes rearrangement reaction)

Polymer synthesis, chemistry and physics
Polymer blends and composites
Nanostructured metal particles
Transition metal catalyzed organic transformations
Heterogeneous catalysis
Organosilanes chemistry and reactivity
Organic synthesis
Characterization of organic/organometallic compounds (NMR, UV, IR, GC)

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