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How to find us dr. P. (Patrizio) Raffa

dr. P. Raffa

Assistant Professor in Polymeric Products

Current projects

- New polymeric surfactants for enhanced oil recovery (DPI project in collaboration with Shell and SNF)

- From sugar industry side stream to coatings and other polymeric materials (CCC project in collaboration with DSM and Royal Cosun)

- Functional polymeric materials for soft robotic at microscale via 2 photon 3D printing (in collaboration with IIT, Italy)

- modification of starch in supercritical CO2 for new sustainable materials (adhesives, coatings)

- Responsive composites and hydrogels made by ATRP/RAFT for smart sensing

- Synthesis and study of bio-based polymeric materials for application as biodegradable coatings, super absorbent polymers, adhesives

- New polyester and polyurethane emulsions for specific coating application

- Study of rheology and surface activity of amphiphilic block copolymers (structure-properties relationship)

Past projects

- MWCNT reinforced materials with thermal and electrical response

- Thermoreversible materials based on Diels-Alder chemistry

- EPDM based hybrid swelling elastomers

- EPDM/PP ThermoPlastic Vulcanizates

- IPNs based on modified polyketones/MWCNT with thermal and electrical response

- Formulation of green adhesives from mixtures of soy proteins

- Polymeric surfactants based on polyketones

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