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Flexible Working Memory Through Selective Gating and Attentional Tagging

SPICA: revealing the hearts of galaxies and forming planetary systems : approach and US contributions

SPICA: Revealing the Hearts of Galaxies and Forming Planetary Systems; Overview and US Contributions

Probing the Baryon Cycle of Galaxies with SPICA Mid- and Far-Infrared Observations

SPICA-A Large Cryogenic Infrared Space Telescope: Unveiling the Obscured Universe

Feedback and Feeding in the Context of Galaxy Evolution with SPICA: Direct Characterisation of Molecular Outflows and Inflows

Galaxy Evolution Studies with the SPace IR Telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics (SPICA): The Power of IR Spectroscopy

Safari: Instrument design of the far-infrared imaging spectrometer for spica

SPICA and the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies: The Rise of Metals and Dust

Tracing the Evolution of Dust Obscured Star Formation and Accretion Back to the Reionisation Epoch with SPICA

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