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Restoration of Bile Duct Injury of Donor Livers During Ex Situ Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Development of an ex vivo model for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using precision-cut liver slices

Distinct responses between healthy and cirrhotic human livers upon lipopolysaccharide challenge: possible implications for acute-on-chronic liver failure

Evaluation of the antifibrotic effects of naringenin, asiatic acid and icariin by using precision-cut liver slices of mouse and human

Exploring Porcine Precision-Cut Kidney Slices as a Model for Transplant-Related Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

Extending the viability of human precision-cut intestinal slice model for drug metabolism studies

Mouse precision-cut liver slices as an ex vivo model to study drug-induced cholestasis

Osteoprotegerin Expression in Liver is Induced by IL13 through TGFβ

RANKL confers protection against cell death in precision-cut lung slices

Shifting Paradigms for Suppressing Fibrosis in Kidney Transplants: Supplementing Perfusion Solutions With Anti-fibrotic Drugs

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