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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. P.L.P. (Paul) Brand

Research interests

With >20 years of experience as a paediatrician (with special interest in asthma and allergy) and as a clinical teacher involved in workplace medical education, I am fascinated with how people learn. We teach and learn each day, all day, but most of this teaching and learning is implicit. I aim to unveil and unravel this every-day teaching and learning, to better understand it, and to improve it. My research interests focus on communication in teaching and learning, both with junior doctors and in each clinical encounter between doctor and patient; on the provision and effects of constructive feedback; on shared decision making and how this impacts people's motivation to follow recommendations; and on the impact of the learning environment on learning.


Association between allergen component sensitisation and clinical allergic disease in children

Do consultants do what they say they do? Observational study of the extent to which clinicians involve their patients in the decision-making process

Effectiveness of Individual Feedback and Coaching on Shared Decision-making Consultations in Oncology Care: Protocol for a Randomized Clinical Trial

Feedback and coaching

Feedback in de medische opleiding

Hoe meet je de kwaliteit van een coschap?: Er is nu een uniform kwaliteitsinstrument voor coschappen: KWIC

Hoe observeer je een aios die een consult doet?: Het doel van de observatie bepaalt de vorm

Hypoallergenicity assessment of an extensively hydrolyzed whey-protein formula in cow's milk allergic infants

Patients' preferred and perceived decision-making roles, and observed patient involvement in videotaped encounters with medical specialists

Quality aspects of hospital-based physiotherapy from the perspective of key stakeholders: a qualitative study

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Meer kinderen allergisch, vooral huisstofmijtallergie rukt op