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Practical matters How to find us P.L. (Peter) Horvatovich, Prof Dr

P.L. (Peter) Horvatovich, Prof Dr

Full Professor in Computational Mass Spectrometry, Head of Department of Analytical Biochemistry
P.L. (Peter) Horvatovich, Prof Dr
+31 50 36 33341 (Fixed office number.)
+31 6 2459 7203 (Mobile number)


Age-specific oncogenic pathways in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma - are elderly a different subcategory?

Comparative Assessment of Quantification Methods for Tumor Tissue Phosphoproteomics

Plasma sRAGE levels strongly associate with centrilobular emphysema assessed by HRCT scans

Accurate Prediction of Protein Sequences for Proteogenomics Data Integration

Adsorptive Microtiter Plates As Solid Supports in Affinity Purification Workflows

Analysis of Multiple Mycotoxins in the Qatari Population and Their Relation to Markers of Oxidative Stress

Angiogenic regulatory influence of extracellular matrix deposited by resting state asthmatic and non-asthmatic airway smooth muscle cells is similar

Combined Metabolic and Chemical (CoMetChem) Labeling Using Stable Isotopes—a Strategy to Reveal Site-Specific Histone Acetylation and Deacetylation Rates by LC-MS

Deep Proteomic Analysis on Biobanked Paraffine-Archived Melanoma with Prognostic/Predictive Biomarker Read-Out

Dynamic binning peak detection and assessment of various lipidomics liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry pre-processing platforms

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