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Determinants of common ownership: Exploring an information-based and a competition-based perspective in a global context

How the country context shapes firms' competitive repertoire complexity

Is open innovation imprinted on new ventures? The cooperation-inhibiting legacy of authoritarian regimes

Narcissistic CEOs’ dilemma: The trade-off between exploration and exploitation and the moderating role of performance feedback

The role of firm-level and country-level antecedents in explaining emerging versus advanced economy multinationals' R&D internationalization strategies

Greasing the wheels or blocking the path? Organizational structure, product innovativeness, and new product success☆

How environmental shocks influence firms’ exploration intensity: Evidence from a nuclear disaster

Knowledge transfer and home-market innovativeness: A comparison of emerging and advanced economy multinationals

Staying Out of Each Other’s Way: Common Ownership and Competitive Dissimilarity in a Global Context

Providing contract research services and firms’ own product innovation performance

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