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How children process reduced forms: A computational cognitive modeling approach to pronoun processing in discourse

Complex inferential processes are needed for implicature comprehension, but not for implicature production

Production before comprehension in the emergence of transitive constructions in Dutch child language

Event-Related Potentials Reveal Increased Dependency on Linguistic Context Due to Cognitive Aging

Children with autism spectrum disorder show pronoun reversals in interpretation

Child-Like Adults: Dual-Task Effects on Collective vs. Distributive Sentence Interpretations

Children's Pronoun Interpretation Problems Are Related to Theory of Mind and Inhibition, But Not Working Memory

Norm-Based Expectations Affect Children's Understanding of Verbal Irony

A Multiple Cue Explanation of Collective Interpretations with 'each'

Collective preferences in Dutch revealed by a covered-box experiment

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De doorbraak van de kinderpodcast: educatief, leuk en geen gestaar naar beeldschermen

‘Nep of niet nep? De geesteswetenschappen en de kennis van de waarheid’

Liegen is een kunst

Academic advisor for children's magazine Zo Zit Dat

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