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Hoesten en candidiasis door verkeerd gebruik inhalator

Onderzoek naar pulmonale toepassing van hydroxychloroquine in nieuwe fase

The pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in cystic fibrosis

Vernevelaars in de praktijk

Voorzetkamer nooit zomaar inwisselen voor een andere

A comparative analysis of changes in pMDI drug dose delivery before and after detergent coating using five antistatic valved holding chambers

Automated Filling Equipment Allows Increase in the Maximum Dose to Be Filled in the Cyclops(R)High Dose Dry Powder Inhalation Device While Maintaining Dispersibility

Colistin dry powder inhalation with the Twincer (TM): An effective and more patient friendly alternative to nebulization

Comparing five antistatic valved holding chambers: How antistatic are they really?

Leren inhaleren is knap lastig

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Oplossing voor niet langer leverbare Rhinocort Turbuhaler

Interview Farma Magazine