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Practical matters How to find us P.D. (Pier Domenico) Tortola, PhD


Historical legacies and the political mobilization of national nostalgia: Understanding populism’s relationship to the past

Populism and the Past

A “More Political” Commission? Reassessing EC Politicization through Language

Differentiated Cooperation through Local Authority Networks: Challenges and Opportunities

Differentiation at the local level: An overview of sub-national authority networks in the EU

Memory Politics of the Far Right in Europe

Memory Politics of the Far Right in Europe

Knowledge and Democracy

The power of expertise: Gauging technocracy in EMU reform negotiations

Differentiation from Below: Sub-national Authority Networks as a Form of Differentiated Cooperation

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Interpreting the politics of Covid-19 – The analytical framework of REGROUP

Is the European Commission’s language becoming more politicised?

A Guide to the Election of the next Italian President

Taking central bank politicization seriously

Studying differentiated integration today

Podcast: "Brexit, where are we?"

Les discours de la BCE se font plus emphatiques

The politicization of the European Central Bank: A more charismatic actor?

Il vero leader dell'Europa non è a Bruxelles e si chiama BCE

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