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Practical matters How to find us dr. ir. P. (Paul) Buijs

Research interests

I study innovations that aim to improve the sustainability of the logistics sector. Those innovations often go against business-as-usual of many stakeholders involved in today’s supply chains. My research focuses on understanding the challenges hindering broad adoption of sustainable solutions, by being actively involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of such solutions in urban freight transport, e-commerce logistics, and global shipping.


Synchronization in cross-docking networks: A research classification and framework

Joint operational decision-making in collaborative transportation networks: The role of IT

Intelligent products for enhancing the utilization of tracking technology in transportation

Improved Collaborative Transport Planning at Dutch Logistics Service Provider Fritom

Just-in-Time Retail Distribution: A Systems Perspective on Cross-Docking

Dynamic shipments of inventories in shared warehouse and transportation networks

An inventory control policy for liquefied natural gas as a transportation fuel

An investment appraisal method to compare LNG-fueled and conventional vessels

A solution approach for deriving alternative fuel station infrastructure requirements

Beyond The Hype: How Blockchain Affects Supply Chain Performance

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Gemeenten zijn ook zelf aan zet in gebundeld aanleveren

Groningen aan de slag met Europees project over duurzame logistiek

Supply chains in de zorg mogen wel wat robuuster

The advantages of a holistic approach to cross-docking

Te strak gepland beperkt effectieve samenwerking

Distributielogistiek onnodig duur

Twintig publieke LNG-tankstations is mooie springplank

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