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About us How to find us dr. P. (Peter) Berger

dr. P. Berger

Associate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion

coordinator: Minor "Religion in the modern world"

current courses (2017/18):

Global Dynamics and Local Cosmologies: Studying Religious Change (MA)

Anthropology, an Introduction (Minor)

Rituals in Theory and Practice (with Anja Visser-Nieraeth and Joram Tarusarira)(BA)

Hinduism and Buddhism (with Stefania Travagnin)(BA)

Anthropology and Sociology of Religion (with Kim Knibbe)(BA)

summer and winter schools

upcoming! Cultural and Celigious Change in India, with Dr. Sarbeswar Sahoo (IIT Delhi), in New Delhi, January 2018. contact P. Berger for more information.

Indian Tribal Cultures - Studying their life-worlds, doing fieldwork & writing ethnographies, 29 June - 3 July 2015, Faculty Theology and Religious Studies, RUG (coordinator and teacher); link to website.

Transformations of Religion and Culture in Contemporary India: Views From the Periphery, 18-23 August 2014, Faculty Theology and Religious Studies, RUG (coordinator and teacher); link to program. 

other courses taught at the University of Groningen (2007-2016): 

Hinduism in Context (BA)

Ritual Practices (BA)

Anthropology, an Introduction (BA)

Global Dynamics and Local Religious Systems (coordinator; with Kim Knibbe) (MA)

Anthropology of Religion (BA)

see this link for course descriptions

Theories of Religion and Culture (coordinator; with several colleagues)(ReMa)

Indian Religions I (Hinduism and Buddhism) (BA first year)

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (AVV, open for all faculties)

Anthropology of Indian Religions. Ideology and practice of death in different social configurations

Indian Religion and Society in Theoretical Perspective (MA course)

Hindus and Moslems in Europe (with Marjo Buitelaar) (BA third year)

Study Skills (coordinator; taught by student assistant)(BA first year)

Methodology seminar: Ethnographic fieldwork (MA)

courses taught at the University of Zürich (Dept. of Socio-cultural Anthropology) (2012):

Introduction to the Anthropology of Religion (lecture, BA)

Religion and Society in India (BA)

Death and Burial in India


courses taught at the Institute of Ethnology, Free University of Berlin (2001-2007):

Theory and History of Anthropology

Social Structure and Economy in Anthropology

Anthropology of Sacrifice

Anthropological Theories of Ritual

Food for Thought: Anthropological Perspectives on Food

Ritual Food in India

Tribal Societies in Orissa, India

Brahmans in India

Cinema in India (with Roland Beer and Elisabeth Conzelmann, in collaboration with the
Arsenal Cinema Berlin)

Anthropology of Food and Eating. Part I: theoretical perspectives

Anthropology of Food and Eating. Part II: topics of culinary ethnology

Anthropology of Food and Eating. Part III: discussing empirical enquiries of students

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