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Data-driven measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in South America: How do regional programmes compare to best practice?

Big data, privacy and COVID-19 – learning from humanitarian expertise in data protection

De universiteit als duurste streamingdienst?: De gevolgen van een veranderde infrastructuur

Digital Identity and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving the Way to a Neo-Feudal Brave New World?

Digital Identity and the Blockchain: Universal Identity Management and the Concept of the “Self-Sovereign” Individual

Een transparant debat over algoritmen

Exploring the Governance and Implementation of Sustainable Development Initiatives through Blockchain Technology

Mapping power and jurisdiction on the internet through the lens of government-led surveillance

Right to be Forgotten: EU-ropean Data Imperialism, National Privilege, or Universal Human Right?

The Naturalization-Privacy Interface: Publication of Personal Data of New European Union Citizens versus European Privacy Standards

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New EU law needed to protect universities from big tech

De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden

De universiteit moet haar meerwaarde opnieuw uitvinden

Data in de strijd tegen het coronavirus? Het middel is erger dan de kwaal

Using Location Data to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic

Het totale mobiliteits-ecosysteem groeit

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